Halloween Memories, Toddler Party Crafts/Treats and Giveaway


Halloween is just a few days away. How do you plan to celebrate? Do you have any special memories?

I”ve always loved Halloween and now that I have kids it”s fun to celebrate with them.

When I was young I remember getting so excited I could hardly breathe through my Holly Hobbie face mask. Remember when most of the costumes were made of plastic? I couldn”t wait and it wasn”t just about the candy, but there was a buzz in the air. My neighborhood would be filled with children and their families all dressed up. You could hear kids laughing and yelling, “trick or treat!”

Times have changed when it comes to the costumes, but not the excitement. Every time my daughter, who is almost 2, sees a pumpkin she yells, “Halloweeeeen!” My 3 year old son loves that he”s going to be a dinosaur! Heís worn his costume 5 times now and its not even Monday yet.

While some places still have that community spirit, not as many people go door to door anymore so if your neighborhood is not into trick or treating or your kids are too young to stay up that late there are other ways to celebrate.

I just went to a Toddler Halloween Party with my kids where everyone dressed up and brought a treat to share. I really enjoyed seeing all the children in their different costumes and getting creative ideas from other moms. Here are few fun ideas for toddlers (pre-schoolers):


-A Pumpkin Decorating Station: Use stickers and pens instead messy carving tools.

-Decorate Trick or Treat Bags: Use paper bags and decorate with crayons and stickers.

Festive Treats

You can spice up any treat with a little festive Halloween color. From adding a few orange and black candies to your traditional rice crispy treats or even some festive sprinkles to more elaborate chocolate dipped oreos.

Healthy Treats

A îWitches Brewî -basically just a bunch of snacks in a caldron.

Skelton Bones (pretzel sticks)

Brains (popcorn)

Ants (Raisins)

These fun snacks are a good alternative if you”re not into you kids having lots of candy and sweets.

Now I”m curious to know, what are your favorite Halloween party tips, tricks, and memories? By answering you will be entered to win one of 15 Halloween Prize Packages (each a $100 value) from Fanta!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Fanta. The opinions and text are all mine. Official Contest Rules.

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