The Joy of Pregnancy


Do you remember when you first discovered you were pregnant?  Where were you? Who did you share the news with first?

Now that you have a kid or kids running around, that time probably seems a little foggy.   What inspired me to write this post is recently I’ve had a few friends who have had the joy of pregnancy news and it reminded me of that special time.  Yes, that special time where either you don’t feel quite like yourself, you’ve missed your period and you’re figuring out how to read the + or the double lines on that stick that’s about to change your future.

I was actually in Japan with my husband.  We had been “trying” for a few months, but I didn’t think it would happen that quickly.  We were on vacation and had been sightseeing all day.  I was exhausted and my lower back hurt.  I thought we were just running around too much.    I felt weird and don’t ask me why, but I did have a pregnancy test with me.  I went to the bathroom and when I saw the +, my mouth dropped. We had just had a lot of sushi and beer, Great?  I was like OMG!  It was a happy OMG, but OMG nonetheless.  I walked out of the bathroom and said, “Honey look, I’m a plus!”  He looked at me and said, “Really? Wow! Really?” and smiled and gave me a big hug.  Turns out I was pregnant.  We were both really happy, but knew our life was about to change. That explains why I was so hungry and cranky! See honey it wasn’t me, it was the hormones.

That night we did what any new expecting parents would do.  We sang karoake ,went to an arcade and won a stuffed animal for our little baby.  Hey, we were in Japan. 🙂  My son still has it in his room.

So what’s your story and how did you share the news?  Now there’s also a website dedicated to videos of women sharing their exciting news. It’s called Mother Glow.  It will definitely give you a little joy to end the week. Happy Friday!

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