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I”ve been getting The Uncommon Goods catalog for years. It”s always my go to guide for unique gifts and when my creativity runs out for my friends/family who have everything.

So when they asked me to curate a collection I was excited to help.   What I like about UG is not just their fun and unique gifts, but the mission of their company to create a positive impact in the workplace and the world.

They not only showcase the products of artists and small manufacturers, but their inspirational stories and fun product facts as well. Here are a few random ones.

Why is “shower” sometimes used instead of “party,” as in “bridal shower”? Said use of the term “shower” may derive from a Victorian custom to place presents inside a parasol, which would be opened to “shower” the receiver with presents.

Can hugging make you healthy? It”s true. Researchers at the University of North Carolina found that hugging reduces blood pressure and releases oxytocin-the “hugging hormone.” Hug away!

Why is the ring finger on the left hand? The tradition of wearing a wedding ring on the left ring finger is derived from a Roman belief that the finger contained a vein, the vena amoris, or “vein of love” that connected directly to the heart.

Many of their goods are also recycled or handmade.  And through their Better to Give program they donate money from each order to different charities.

They have hundreds of cool items, but here are a few Zen picks that will add a little wisdom and inspiration without breaking the bank.

The Zen Mom on UncommonGoods


*Disclaimer: The Zen Mom was not paid for this post, but there is an affiliate link.

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