The Mother of Reinvention: 5 Zen Tips To Help You Rediscover Your Passion


“You will recognize your own path when you come upon it, because you will suddenly have all the energy and imagination you will ever need.”
– Jerry Gillies

The more I talk to my mom friends, the more the topic about reinvention comes up. We were all more than just moms before we had children and we still are, even though sometimes we may forget.  And I don’t just mean career wise, but what do you enjoy, what do you believe in, what drives you, what is your passion?  We are more than just the driver, the short order cook, the toy picker up-er, packer of lunches, entertainment coordinator and glue for our family, but how do you rediscover it?

You may be perfectly happy being the full-time career woman or the stay at home mom, but some of you may be asking ,”Is this it?”  When I left my full-time job as an morning news anchor after my first child was born and stepped into the new mom world and then back into the workforce as freelancer/consultant/entrepreneur what ever you want to call it.  I was a bit lost and I’m still figuring out what works as I go.

As moms we are so involved with taking care of our kids and our families, but when those early days of breastfeeding, sleepless nights start to get more manageable, or when the kids start school, then what?  When do you start to get back pieces of you and get back to your old self and is there an old self or are you somebody completely different now?

As women we grow and change all the time.  The key is discovering what you are about and what you want out of your life for yourself and your family.

5 Zen Tips To Help You Rediscover Your Passion

1.  Make Sure You Are Ready.

Set your goals, but realistic ones for where you are at the moment.    When I just had my 2nd child I wanted to do so many things, get back to work, get my body back, but for me I wasn’t the right time to reinvent myself.   I was still in the I just gave birth fog and adjusting to having 2 kids.  It doesn’t mean do nothing, but don’t be so hard on yourself.  Reinvention takes time and you have need to recognize your limitations. Ask yourself.  If you tried to accomplish your  goal or got what you think you wanted like a full time job, training for a marathon, etc.  Would you really want it and could you really handle it?  Would it work for your family?  Or do you just like the idea?

2.  Give Yourself Some Discovery Time.

I have all these thoughts going on in my head, but nothing really seems to be clear until I have some alone time.   It’s usually when I’m driving or I’m in the shower.
We all need some time to have some peace with our thoughts.  It may be a weekend away or just a 10 minute meditation each morning for a few weeks. You decide.

3.   Make a list of everything that you are passionate about.

Take look around your house, your neighborhood. What inspires you?  What makes you feel good?  What do you wish you could do more of?

4.  Visualize what you want, write it down, and then verbalize it.

Visualization is a very powerful tool.  If you go there with your mind your physical self will follow.  It’s basically the law of attraction.  I know sounds like “The Secret”.  But it really does help.  Athletes use it. Oprah uses it.  Then write down what you want on paper. Once you do, it becomes even more real and when you are ready, say it to yourself out loud, even share it if you like.

5.  Make a list of tasks to accomplish your vision and try it out.

Write down what you want to do or try and just go for it.  See if it’s a good fit.  Does it feel right?  You will never know unless you give it a try.

Reinvention is hard, but can be wonderful.  It’s like when they asked you in grade school what do you want to be when you grow up?  The sky’s the limit.  We had no boundaries we didn’t know any better. Why is that different now?  Let go of the negativity and go for it.   After all you are the mother, the mother of your own reinvention.  Just make sure you are ready!  And too get you motivated-don’t forget about everything you have already accomplished and give yourself a big woo hoo!

Have you been trying something new?  Are you making a shift in your life right now? Do you have any tips to help others rediscover your passion?  I’d love to hear from you.


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