Skincare From the Inside Out: Mama Mio Face Line


I first tried Mama Mio when I was pregnant now they have a new face line.

The moms behind the line call the new collection “High Protein Face Care (HPFC).”   I like thier philosophy about high quality natural ingredients and skincare from the inside out.

I tried the Eye Know and I like the lightweight feel.  It’s a clear calming gel, but doesn’t dry tight.
Love Your Life Lines is also fun.  It’s used in addition to your moisturizer to help fill and repair lines.  You only need a dab.  If you put too much on it can cake off.

Each product also includes a Little Book Of Confidence and 2 simple 30 second face exercises.  We have 57 facial muscles and they attach directly to the skin–why not tone them too!   Some are a little weird, but hey who doesn’t want to get rid of those laugh lines or at least stimulate circulation, and increase oxygen in our skin to get that healthy glow.

I love the book of confidence, it not only explains their philosophy, but lists the ingredients- what they are and what they do.  Isn’t nice to know what you’re putting on your face?  The quotes inside are fun too. You know how The Zen Mom loves quotes.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”-Neal Donald Walsch

“The older you get, the better you get. Unless you are a banana.” -Unknown

*Disclaimer: The Zen Mom was not paid for this post, but did receive a sample of Eye Know and Love Your Life Lines.


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