Review: Fooz Kids-A Safe Way For Kids To Surf The Internet


Kids are super tech-savvy these days and while I don’t want my kids on the computer all the time you really can’t avoid technology.   I just want to make sure what they are exposed to is educational and age-appropriate.

Imagine if you could let your kids play with your computer, but you can control what they see and learn with out ads or pop-ups.  Now you can with Fooz Kids.

It’s an application that you download onto your computer.  It launches a child friendly full-screen browser controlled through a parental dashboard.  The dashboard allows you customize which kid-friendly websites, videos, games, and crafts they can access.  You can sort by gender and age.  There are dozens to choose from.  In order to log out they need a password. So they can’t get into anything else.
It’s designed for kids ages 3-9.      Since my son is younger, I’m still not comfortable leaving him alone with a computer, but I like having access to all his favorite sites like Calliou, Barney, and Sesame Street.

I especially like My Channel. This is where you can link/approve your own videos. My son loves garbage trucks and has dozens of favorite Youtube videos.  Since I already pre-screened them, I trust them.  Now I can approve them through the Fooz Kids dashboard and they are easy to access all in one place.

There are also fun creative activities where they can create an avatar and design thier own room.
Fooz Kids basic includes games, web browsing, videos, crafts, parent-approved e-mails to friends or family, the ability to create an avatar and customize a virtual bedroom.

There are other add-ons that you can subscribe to, like Fooz Kids University, which introduces shapes, letters, reading and math from Pre-K to 5th Grade.  It also provides parents with an in-depth report on their child’s progress. Another add-on feature is the Fooz Kids Flix, which allows parents to download both full length movies and shorter films.

If you would like to try out Fooz Kids.  They are offering The Zen Mom readers a free download ($11.99 value). Package subscriptions and additional features available for either a monthly or yearly fee. To download the free application, Click here.


 Disclosure: TZM was provided an all-in-one package for review.




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