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If you carry your kids on your hip a lot like I do, you are probably feeling a little crooked. Now there’s something that offers some support –The Baby Hip Hugger.

When I first saw it I thought what a great invention, but I wasn’t sure how it would really work.  It looks like a giant fanny pack that velcros around the waist and then clips together.  It offers support by evenly distributing the weight of the baby to relieve pressure on the back and helps maintain better posture.  It also gives your arms a break too so you can carry your little one longer.  It felt a little awkward at first, but I now I use it all the time.

I like to use it for quick trips when I can’t or don’t feel like getting the stroller out.  It’s perfect when I have both my kids and have to drop my 3 year old at preschool fast. With the Baby Hip Hugger I can carry my 20 month old daughter with just one hand and hold my son’s hand at the same time.  Since she’s not strapped in, I can pick her up and put her down anytime. My daughter always wants to walk on her own, but then 2 minutes later she wants to be picked up again, then put down, then picked up.  Not great for my back or my arms.  Now at least I have a little more support so I won’t walk around crooked anymore.

It’s different than my Baby Bjorn, which I used when my kids were really young, because it’s not hands free, but it’s perfect for when they start walking and still want to be held.  You have to make sure to wear it tight around your waist so it doesn’t dig into your hip.
You can wear it different sitting options, like facing in or out and to the side.   The Baby Hip Hugger comes in 2 sizes.  I have the toddler version.   As you can see from the photo I’m a lefty when it comes to carrying my baby.   I try to change it up, but the other side feels weird.  How about you?

There’s a $20 discount code for The Zen Mom readers, just enter BabyNari at checkout.

*The Zen Mom was not compensated for this review, but provided a product for review.  The opinions expressed are my own.

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