Blogher 2011-Conference Preview and Prep


In just a few minutes I’m leaving for the first events of Blogher, although the conference doesn’t actually officially start until tomorrow.  There will be a buzz in the air in Downtown San Diego as more than 3,000 people/bloggers gather for a weekend of networking, learning, sharing, and inspiration.If you don’t know what Blogher is here’s link.

If your headed there.  Here’s a link with some great prep articles.

What is it you ask?  This quote on the conference guide sums it up. “Women who are changing the world one blog post at a time!”

There will be star bloggers, newbies, brands that want to connect, even a few big names from Actress/Talk Show Host Ricki Lake to Pepsi Co CEO Indra Nooyi.

It’s my first year and I’m excited to attend, of course there’s the networking, the sessions, and the parties, but I think the best part will be the people, the energy and the feeling that you’re a part of something bigger and that you have a voice that can change the world.

I will have recaps next week!









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