Del Mar Opening Day

Del Mar where the surf meets the turf!  Opening day was last week.  It”s a day to see and be seen and it”s all about the hats!  Here”s mine.  I love hats, but I never wear them, so it was fun to dress up for a day.   I didn”t have time to shop so I picked this one up the day before with the kids.  While I didn”t have much time to put effort into my hat selection take a look at some of these!
Do you notice a theme here?  No one could hold up their own heads. I could never do it.  But thanks ladies for putting on a great show.  You looked fabulous!  Here”s the grand prize winner who played off where the surf meets the turf theme literally!

There were 46,588 people there setting an all-time Opening Day record.  It was fun to be a part of the excitement, but we ran out of steam around 6pm before the last races and ending up coming home to put our kids to sleep.  Family weekends are on Saturday and Sunday. The fun continues through Sept 7th.

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