Zen Letters: A Letter To My Dad-Happy Father's Day!


I hope you had a great Father”s Day celebrating the wonderful men in your life!  This year I had dinner with my husband and kids, but didn”t get to hang out with my Father, but I did wish him a Happy Father”s Day.

I”m starting a new TZM series called “Zen Letters“. I”m starting the first one with a tribute to my Father.

Dear Baba (father in Chinese),

Now that I am a parent myself it makes me reflect on all your sacrifices and what it took for you and mom to raise a family.   You were in your 20″s, still learning English, moving to a place for new opportunities.  You left your family, friends and the security of what you knew for a new country, a new culture and a new life. Then I was born. To make ends meet you had to give up some of your dreams, and ended up working long hours in a Chinese restaurant to make sure I would accomplish my dreams.  You were learning how to fit in a new culture, and at the same time learning how to be a Dad.

Then your little baby started to grow up and had a mind of her own.  Sorry for questioning, “Why we couldn”t be more American?”  Thank you for making me speak Chinese.  Now I am fluent and can teach my children.  Thank you for making me authentic Chinese meals and not just getting pizza and McDonalds like I asked.  Now I can cook too!

As a teen-ager, thank you for setting boundaries and making me work for what I wanted.  Even if that meant I had to work to pay for car insurance and drive to parties in the “family wagon.”

Thank you for your help to put me thru college and the freedom to be myself in college. After graduation, thank your for giving me the support to move back home when I was still looking for a job. When I made it back to Los Angeles, as a news reporter, thank you for not only trying to watch all my newscasts, but taping them for me and saving them in the cabinet.

I appreciate all that you have gone through and everything you have done for me many times silently.  Now that I am a mother I realize the sacrifices of a parent and I thank you.
Happy Father”s Day!
Wan Wan (My Chinese name)

Who are you grateful for and have you had a chance to share your Zen Letter?

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