Kids Garbage Truck Videos


If your 2 year old is like my son, trash day is a major highlight in the week.  Who knew?    He can hear them miles away and starts screaming with joy.  “Garbage truck!  Garbage truck!  Hear That? ” Then he’s so excited his whole body shakes as he clenches his fist when he smiles with joy.

I’ll have what he’s having please.: )

Since the garbage man can’t come everyday, we’ve resorted to YouTube videos on the day we miss him.  I know, I don’t like my son watching too many videos, but a few minutes of pre-screened videos can really get you through the day.  I’m amazed that my son can be so entertained by dumpsters and trash cans.  Side-loaders, Front-loaders, etc.

Here’s a tribute to our friendly neighborhood garbage  (recycling) man.  Now we can watch our own video over and over.


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