How to Induce Labor Naturally


Happy New Year! So I finally had my baby-4 days late, which isn’t that long, but since it was my second baby and I was expecting her to come early, everyday got more and more frustrating. Texts and e-mails-“Any baby yet?” No, not yet! I didn’t want to induce and my doctor had scheduled one that week depending on how my tests went as far as amniotic fluid levels and size. So I was feeling the pressure. Everything looked okay so far there was no reason yet to start the pitocin. I started searching for ways to induce naturally. The most common suggestions are of course walking, sex, spicy foods, etc. Here”s a link for more suggestions. I was really big and heavy and my back was hurting, but I walked and walked. This is me at the zoo three days before I finally gave birth. I was getting contractions and thought today is the day. People were looking at me funny. Then nothing-it was false labor, but a few days later I gave birth to healthy 9 lb. 8oz. girl. Yikes!
Acupressure points video 
I don’t know if any of these methods actually worked. But the night before I went into labor I did acupressure massage, self visualization, and danced with my husband for an hour.  So if you are waiting like I was and getting frustrated you might want to give it a try. Can”t hurt.  For my birth story checkout my blog “A Nurse Delivered My Baby” on MomLogic. 

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