Baby Needs A New Pair Of Shoes!


Well the time has come, my baby took his first steps. I know it’s a milestone, yeah for my baby or should I say toddler now, but I was in no hurry. I’ve seen the parents that have to chase their children through the mall. (I have to admit it cracks me up when the child can outrun the parent.) But soon that could be me. Scary.

So now that he’s walking the search for shoes begins. While I loved how cute Robeez were, I only had one pair. Since he was only crawling it was more for fashion so I just kept them in his Trumpette Johnny Sneaker Socks. I love these. They are a must have. They stayed on and they looked like little shoes.

But now he needs support. I didn’t realize that there we so many kinds. Robeez, Pedipeds, Preschoolians and great old fashioned Stride Rite. I’m starting with Stride Rite level one which has a little more support than Robeez and then I also bought a level 2 (with a full sole) when he starts to walk more. Which ones worked for you and your little one?

If your on your search for baby’s first pair of shoes here are some tips.

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