You Know You’re a New Mom When………


My son is now 10 months old and I seem to have the motherhood thing more under control, but I remember going thru the first 4 months going what the hell?

Here are few things maybe you can relate to looking back on your journey.

You Know You’re a New Mom When….
-The highlight of your Friday night is watching your baby sleep on the video monitor while eating take out.
-You don’t care that the neighbors can see your breasts if you leave the curtains open while breastfeeding.
-The My Breast Friend or other nursing pillow is your new permanent fashion accessory around your waist.
-The most complicated part of your day is no longer work deadlines or spreadsheets, but figuring out when your baby ate last and when he needs to nap.
-You panic if you leave the pacifier at home.
-You really proud of the first time you were able to run and errand get baby in and out of a car seat and get back home all by yourself.
-You’re elated to have 2 hands back once you discover the sling or Baby Bjorn.
-You get really good at one handed typing with your baby on your lap.
-Once your baby starts to sleep through the night you can’t help but check on your baby and hover over the crib to make sure they are still breathing.
-You no longer blowdry your hair.
-You say do you have a poopy diaper more than 5x’s a day.

Are there any you would like to share?

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6 thoughts on “You Know You’re a New Mom When………

  1. You know you’re a new mom when you look forward to wiping somebody else’s stinky butt, and you read dirty diapers like they’re tea leaves just in case baby hasn’t been feeling well lately.

    Bean is happy to be reminded what a goofball you are, Angela.

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