To Pump or Not to Pump?


I know pumping is worth it for our babies, but it can be a royal pain! My son is 10 months old and I’m starting to wean I’m down to two feedings which is good, but I’m still pumping if I’m not around for his feeding. Which was the case last night. I was working all day and went to dinner, but I forgot to pump before I got to the restaurant and I was out town so it would be hours before I got home. So what’s a mom to do? Skip it because that’s what I want to do or go get my pump out of the car, leave the dinner table and hide in the bathroom for 15 minutes? Of course guilt set in so I did the latter.

So there I am at a Hollywood hotspot catching up with my single friends for the first time in months and I leave to pump. With my Medela Pump in Style in hand, (luckily it looks like a purse). I walk past the singles at the bar thinking, “wow these people have no idea”. I open the door to the women’s room and it’s only a single room, which is great for privacy, but sucks if someone is waiting for you, luckily it wasn’t too busy.

So I pull out the tubes and portable charger and I wasn’t saving the milk since pumping in a public bathroom sort of grosses me out so I just pumped right into the sink and dumped it. Ahh now that’s sexy! I’m in this hip bathroom with crazy art and mirrors hovering over the sink holding my breasts hoping the people outside can’t hear the whooshing of the pump and say what is she doing in there? So I rinse everything off, put it back into the bag, put my bra back on, touch up my lipgloss and back to the party. Anyways just another day in the life of a mom.

Where’s the strangest place you’ve pumped? What about breastfeeding?
Check out this latest news headline
“Women Breastfeeds While Driving.”

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