Preschool? Are You Kidding Me My Son Is Only 10 Months Old.


Is it too Type A of me to be jealous that another mom’s baby got into a preschool and my son didn’t. Well it’s not exactly that he didn’t get in, we hadn’t formally applied yet. But who knew acceptance letters start going out before they are even a year old.

I guess some schools start Parent/Toddler programs at 18 months. Pre-school doesn’t really start until they are 2 1/2 years old, but here’s the problem. If your not in the Parent/Toddler program, you may not get into the pre-school and get waitlisted for who knows how long.

I heard the stories when I was pregnant. Moms saying,” You should get on a waitlist for pre-schools, before it’s too late.” I’m thinking, let me figure the birth part first, then I’ll think about school. Now that my son is almost a year…I’m starting to think about pre-schools, but for some that’s too late. Good thing for all moms is that not every pre-school requires such an early start. Some won’t even give you a tour or consider you until you are 18 months to 2 years old. So I guess there’s still time.

But it’s tough not getting an acceptance letter to your schools of choice. What is this senior year in high school again?

So I better get on my research. Here’s a site that’s helpful. You just put in your zip code and it gives you an overview of preschools in your area with reviews.

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One thought on “Preschool? Are You Kidding Me My Son Is Only 10 Months Old.

  1. I was researching daycare/preschool options for Z halfway through my pregnancy. We had our eye on a very well-respected Montessori, so you can imagine our heartbreak when they discontinued their infant program and would only take kids 18 mos. or older. When I returned to work, Z was placed in our 2nd choice school. We checked back in with admissions at the Montessori when he turned 1. He was waitlisted with about 10 kids ahead of him, so who knew how much longer before he switched schools?

    By some miracle, they found a place for him much sooner than we thought. We didn’t even have to drop a name or offer bribes masked as gifts.

    I think the school realized we were more proactive than the average Sacramento parent, so this kid must be going places. For once my LA/USC/film industry overachieving habits paid off!

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