Sleeping On A Plane


We just got back from Oahu and the plane ride wasn”t as bad as I thought. While this wasn”t his first trip, he”s now 9 months old and getting him to sleep is a different story compared to when he was 3 months old and slept in a sling. How was I going to get my son to sleep on me after I had trained him to sleep in the crib?

Well it all worked out. I discovered for my son who likes to sleep on his stomach, he wouldn”t fall asleep if I held him, but did eventually after about 10 minutes of crying and whining if I put him stomach down on my lap. I used a soft blanket on my lap and then used a light muslin blanket as a tent to block out light and other people.(my son gets really distracted and wants to play and then will breakdown crying because he”s overtired.) So the tent worked, but it was funny to watch him bob around in there until he settled and finally fell asleep.

Tip #1 Go to the lavatory before he goes to sleep because you won”t be able to get up after he falls aleep
Tip #2 Tuck the blanket into each side of the tray table in front of you and then either hold the other two sides, tuck them under your bra strap, or pin them to the headrest behind you. Voila! instant tent.
Tip #3 Keep a sippy cup and bottle in arms reach for landing and take-off. Sucking helps equalize their ears.
Tip #4 Plan the plane rides to thier nap times and sleep times as much as possible.
Tip #5 Ignore the crying. All babies cry.

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