On the Move


It’s what moms like to be proud of, yet the day they dread.  The moment your baby is mobile and won’t stay where you leave them.   Days of watching them lay or play peacefully by themselves is over once they realize they have the ability to go where they want.

My son went from sudo crawling….doing the inch worm, the battle crawl on his knees and elbows and rolling in every which direction to get around for about a month to full on speed crawling and pulling himself up to standing in a week at 7 1/2 months.  Yikes.  Its so fun to what him develop, but I definitely need to keep my eye on him.  While I babyproofed the house last month  I still had things lying around…remote controls, plastic bags, some loose cords, magazines.  Now it’s time to get serious and take a good look at the house.
Here’s a link to Home Safety Tips from my babyproofer.
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