Brush Your Teeth!

Helping your toothless child brush his teeth

Is it too early to start brushing your teeth, if you don’t have any?   No.  But moms have enough to do and if wiping your baby’s gums after each meal doesn’t seem practical?  or if your little one won’t stop moving long enough for you to stick a washcloth in his mouth-here’s a solution.

My 6 month old son loves it.  He likes to grab it and put it in his own mouth.  It’s good for teething. It soothes his gums.  Its also a great distraction after his evening bath when he has a meltdown on the changing table before bed.  Now it’s part of his routine after his meals and before bed.
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2 thoughts on “Brush Your Teeth!

  1. Hi Zen Mom,

    I love this blog. What great ideas you share.

    I noticed in one of your older posts you mentioned your son was born with a cleft. I have 2 little boys who were both born with cleft lips/palates. Your son’s repair looks amazing.

    Fun to “meet” another blogging mom who has had first hand experience with clefts! Feel free to visit us at our blog:

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog. Your sons are so cute. I know it was hard dealing with surgery. I saw your posts on clefts and the work being done in China.Thanks for sharing. I plan to dedicate more posts to the subject to help other moms going through the same thing.

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