Baby's First Trip


The first year of your baby”s life is filled with firsts, but when is the best time to go on your first trip?  Doctors say newborns can fly anytime after two weeks, but many moms prefer to wait, unless they are going to see family. It”s a lot of work, but if you”re prepared it can go more smoothly.  We just returned from Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  It was part of my husband”s work incentive trip.  We had a great time, but it was stressful at times traveling with a newborn. It takes a little more planning than when we were single. Here”s a what I learned from Aarons” first plane trip-Baby Travel Tips.

  1. Make sure to pack extras for emergencies, but not more than you can carry along with carrying your baby.
  2. If you bring a stroller and or car seat check it once you get to the gate. (I took a Graco SnugRide Car Seat and a Snap n go Stroller.  They will tag it at the gate put it on last and you will have it when you get off the plane.  Also if you end up with an empty seat next to you, you can use the carseat. Or bring a large trashbag to put your carseat in so it doesn”t get dented.  Not all airports have large bags. We ended up using more as cart for our carry-on items since I was carrying Aaron in a sling most of the time.)
  3. If your baby likes sleeping in a sling like mine put your baby to sleep before you get on the plane and he will sleep most of the flight.  (TSA may make you take your baby out of the sling to get through security although no one made me, because of course who wants to be responsible for waking a sleeping baby.  As for take-off and landing-I didn”t have a problem keeping my baby in the sling on my 3 of my Delta flights, but on my last flight from Salt Lake to San Diego the flight attendant insisted I take my baby out for take-off, which of course woke him up and made him fussy so I ended up with a screaming baby on my lap.  Really made me mad, but I guess it was following the rules according to her.)
  4. Make sure your baby is sucking on take-off and landing to help with the pressure.              (I used a pacifier, but you can also breastfeed or give your baby a bottle.)
  5. You can bring Breastmilk or Formula. Check FAA Guidelines.
  6. Pack your diaper bag with familiar toys, extra outfits in case of accidents, hand sanitizer, extra burp cloths, plastic bags to store dirty diapers or trash.
  7. Look for special needs bathrooms at the airport                                                                           (At our lay-over in Salt Lake City it had a diaper changing station, individual bathroom, a chair and room for a stroller.  Perfect place to breastfeed, pump and diaper change.) 
  8.  Since it was a short trip, 4 days I tried to keep my baby on the same time schedule.
  9. Also as veteran moms have told me, you always think your baby screams louder than they do, other parents will understand, and you will probably never see any of the other passengers again.
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